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Rae Smart

President 2017-2018

My career has been as varied as my life, and it can be described as serendipity; a word I have come to embrace. Here are a few highlights.

I graduated as a Textile and Fashion Designer in Melbourne, which I enjoyed immensely and worked for Top Fashion House, The House of Tullo.

After joining my late husband, I travelled to PNG and lived and worked in Rabaul, and then on Bougainville Island, which was a whole new adventure. After 2 yrs stint away I come back to re-join Tullo, until becoming a mother. My focus was forced to change and for a few years I free-lanced for many Fashion Houses all over Australia’s east coast.

We returned to Bougainville in 1977 and lived there until 1990. During that period, I was HOD of the PNG Textile and Fashion School at Arawa Technical College, for the Education Dept. from 1977 to 1985 which lead to Appropriate Business Development Studies and application to create the Tiare Women and Youth Training Centre, as a volunteer in Arawa for 8 years (post teaching). It was very successful, but was destroyed during the Bougainville Civil War.

Sadly, as the island was caught up in the Bougainville Civil War we were evacuated and had to return to Australia.

Since returning to Noosa I owned The Tag Business Centre, which also assisted innovators and inventors to realise their business ideas.

With the ABV programme I volunteered overseas on 12 assignments, taking me to countries all over the Oceanic Region from Indonesia, Cambodia to Cook Islands. I have been fortunate enough to work with many NGOs which have taken me to other developing countries, including taking a team of Pacific women to take the Beneath Paradise Multi Media Documentation Programme and presenting it in Beijing for the United Nations Forum for Women in 1995. This was a programme from IWDA and funded by AusAid, covering 21 orgs. and 8 countries.

Over a period of 6 yrs. I worked for the UN Women as a consultant for the Pacific Regional Office in Fiji, working in Vanuatu, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands and PNG. Every day I continue to learn about the needs of others.

I now have the opportunity to serve as President of this Rotary Club for the second time, and look forward to the challenge. This is not to be known as what I have done, but what we have done, to keep on ‘Making a Difference’.

Bottom line is; “Apathy is a big question, but who gives a damn.”

I am glad to say that Rotary does.

Rae Smart

Phone5448 2352
Mobile0419 669 048