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Trish Francis, a member of our Rotary Club who holds the Classification of Tourism, can certainly tell us a lot about her many visits around the world. Each year a highlight of Tricia's travels is a visit to beautiful Lake Gull in Michigan USA to visit her daughter Michelle and husband. Here's her story.........

May 2015

"Michelle, my daughter lives in America and has Muscular Dystrophy. There is no cure. She uses a walking stick and is one of the bravest people I know. She is full of life, fun and nothing daunts her. She battles to just get showered, dressed and brush her hair of a morning. These things we take for granted.

Every year Michelle has a fund raiser for her disease held at her home on Gull Lake, Michigan, USA. She has a great band of supporters and friends who rally together to help. Three years ago we had 270 people attend and we collected $92,000 which she and her husband matched thus donating over $184,000 to the FSHD fund. Last year it was 220 people and we raised $80,000 which they also matched.

This year is a smaller group as a lot of people are away for the US summer, but it will be amazing I know. We have planned a two course dinner, drinks and dancing with a band. The auctions, raffles (all of which have been donated) are heaps of fun and we also have a little skit for people to join in. Lots of prizes."

It’s all held in a huge marque on their land next to their house. I am very proud to be part of this charity and attend every year."

What is MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY.   Read more ------------------------>

July 2015

In July Trish travelled to Michigan USA to help with her daughter's Fund Raising in aid of FSHD which stands for Facioscapulohumeral, a disease that has no cure. Every year Michelle and her husband David open their home (and their hearts) to raise money for this dreadful disease. "This year we had 220 guests" Trish said "and managed to raise $100,000 which will be matched by Michelle and David". Guests enjoyed dinner, an open bar, an auction, raffles and live music. All under a large marquee erected on their block by the lake.

This is the third year they have hosted the event and it is now known in Michigan as the Social Event of the Year.

What a wonderful story. No wonder Trish enjoys Rotary. Helping the disadvataged cope in their hour of need. To learn more about this disease go to www.fshdglobal.org



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