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Bulletins: 2003-2011

This page lists a collection of Bulletins from 2003 to 2011. It is by no means a complete list, only those I can find on my computer. From time to time it is good to look back and guage whether we are doing better or should we look for areas in which to improve. This goes for everything in life. We should adapt to the present and plan for the future. Let's hope we leave this world a better place for those that follow.

In past years we published a Bulletin each week. One of our bulletin editors always started with "THE WEEK THAT WAS" and followed with a great wrap up of activities, gossip, birthdays, anniversaries and a good coverage of our previous club meeting including a bit about Rotary policy and history.

Today we live in the age of computers, internet, websites, smartphones, facebook and "the Cloud". You either love it or loathe it BUT it's here to stay and we had better adapt or miss out. This is why I like to look back so I can plan for the future.

"Webmaster" Geoff


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