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1 General plans for year.

More social/partner involvement- last meeting per month a night time partners dinner at various venues around Noosa.

A return to a more traditional Rotary meeting style, with more information on Rotary internationally and Rotary project information.

2 Club projects and plans.

Tait Duke Community Cottage refurbishment will commence this month.

Hopefully it will be finished this year.

I am hoping it can become a home for Rotary in Noosa.        

Fundraisers: the usual ones including  Classic Car club/Australia day plus  a new event fair/fete at TDCC when it is finished and also as an annual event.

Also looking at other activities which would promote Rotary in Noosa.

I want to increase our club profile in the community by more involvement with schools and community groups.

Also want greater media exposure and also be on social media. There was talk about a cluster Facebook page with all area clubs, which also will be followed up.

Through this we hope to increase membership.

I still do have concerns that to attract business persons we need to move the meeting date to later in the week.

I have prepared an action plan for the coming year and copies are available.

I look forward to a great year.

Jim Bennett

Pres. Jim Bennett Past President Jim addresses members with his action plan for 2016/17

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