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District 9600 Insurance Guidelines

Public Liability Insurance and the Importance of Activity Notifications

All of us know we need to insure our material possessions as more often than not we have worked hard and long to acquire these possessions and may not be in the position to replace them if something is stolen or destroyed by fire.

These sorts of possessions we can see and hold on to, and make use of them.

There is another possession we need to insure, but that possession is intangible, we cannot see it or hold on to it.This possession is what we are capable of doing physically, our actions.

The insurance to cover our actions is generally known as Public Liability. When we insure our house for example, included within that policy is usually at least $20 Million Dollars Public Liability.

‘The Public’ is anybody else that is not family or related. The Public Liability that is included in your house policy will insure your actions should you do something that is “negligent” and leads to a loss or an injury to another unrelated person.

That action could be through creating a dangerous situation and allowing other persons to be hurt by your negligence in allowing the situation to develop. An example might be leaving an excavation open and a person falling in and injured themselves.

A Public Liability policy also can insure for a negligent physical action on your part that leads to an injury or loss.

Keeping in mind your business activities will not be covered by your domestic Public Liability insurance.

Often Public Liability claims are complex and may require a Court to decide whether or not you are liable. If you are found liable then your Public Liability policy may come to your rescue and pay the compensation to the injured person or make good the loss.

Rotary also purchases a Public Liability policy every year to insure all Rotarians and Volunteers while they are involved in fund-raising or Rotary events to protect them should they inadvertently create a situation where somebody is hurt or there is a property loss.

A portion of your annual club membership dues help pay for this policy to protect you.

The same rules apply, in that a Rotarian or a Volunteer must be found negligent in their actions which have led to the loss or injury for the policy to react.

The Activity Notification that a club must complete prior to an event is extremely important from the Insurer perspective in that they need to be notified of a new potential exposure.

Importantly, there may even be an area of exposure within the planned activity or event that our Insurer will not cover, if an Activity Notification is not submitted the club and members could be totally exposed to a claim scenario and have no insurance as a backup.

The Insurer has to know what they are insuring. Rotary has a very good track record and claims history and this assists in keeping the annual premium down, as well as assisting us renew the policy year on year. Many organizations cannot buy a policy with the scope and cover our policy offers...let’s not jeopardize that.

It is important too that the Rotarians holding the event consider any risks to the public as well as to fellow Rotarians as they plan and organize the event. Rotary’s insurer will want to know that their exposure to risk has been considered and also your fellow Rotarians comfortable in the knowledge they will be safe.

There are Risk Management forms available to clubs to complete to remind them of any potential exposures, and to ensure steps are taken to minimize any exposure to risk. Refer: rotary9600.org/District Insurance.

Please remember to fill out an Activity Notification for any event to be held and submit them to the DIO in advance of the event so our insurers are aware of their exposures.

Dean Parham, District 9600 Insurance Officer

B: 1300 762 565 M: 0418 785 662

E: insurance@rotary9600.org

Dean Parham D9600 Insurance Officer Dean Parham District 9600 Insurance Officer

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