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National Youth Science Forum (NYSF)

Founded in 1984, The National Youth Science Forum is the only program in Australia that offers students about to enter year 12 the chance to test drive a wide range of universities and careers in the sciences.

Conducted in Canberra and Perth, over a two-week period each January, the NYSF is one of the largest Rotary supported programs in Australia.

Students are chosen in Year 11 and attend just prior to entering Year 12. These young people interact with experts, staff and other students in all aspects of the forum. One of the great successes of NYSF is that it is run by students for students, with the 14 staff at each session being only one or two years beyond Year 12.

 A greater appreciation of the sciences and achieving  successful careers in science is the driving force of NYSF. This is provided through major partners including the Australian Academy of Science, the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, the Australian National University, CSIRO and many others.

 The NYSF does not teach science - that is the responsibility of schools and universities. It does, however, provide a greater knowledge and passion for sciences as well as improving  each student's personal development, their perception,  communication and skills. The forum also provides valuable contacts, friendships and mentors.


Secretary Dr. Keith Trace     0414 241 347 or 07 5447 1442

Lucky Award Winners Over 430 students from around Australia will be selected by Rotary to attend...

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