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Past Presidents

Rotary Club of Noosa Heads Inc wishes to acknowledge and thank Past Presidents for their selfless dedication to Rotary and their enthusiasm in their time as President. Without their personal experience and passion for Rotary and our community, our Club would not have achieved its goals since it was Chartered in 1982.

1982/83    Ted Kendall
1983/84    Dr. Ray Luck
1984/85    Paul Lupi
1985/86    Stewart Campbell/Ted Kendall
1986/87    Ted Kendall
1987/88    Jim Atkinson JP
1988/89    Tony Oxley
1989/90    Ross Palmer
1990/91    Brian Lindfield
1991/92    Russ McBurnie
1992/93    Barry Hunt
1993/94    Tom Trenfield
1994/95    David Hadrick/Gerald Rissen
1995/96    Ross Palmer
1996/97    Ernie Benn
1997/98    Doug Turner
1998/99    Roy Stone
1999/00    John Cumming
2000/01    Richard Locke
2001/02    Rae Smart
2002/03    Gerry Stevens
2003/04    Rob van Wegen
2004/05    Rex Southern
2005/06    Rod Thomas
2006/07    Lyndall Williams
2007/08    Alexander Moore
2008/09    Chris Wilson
2009/10    Peter Smales
2010/11    Chris Shoobert
2011/12    Ken Stevenson
2012/13    Jacqui Hunt
2013/14    Dr Keith Trace
2014/15    Gerald Victor OAM
2015/16    Chris Shoobert
2016/17    Jim Bennett JP
2017/18    Rae Smart

Current President : 2018/19    Tony Oxley

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