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Rotary Youth Driver Awareness


RYDA NOOSA is a joint project of four Rotary Clubs in our area (Noosa, Noosa Heads, Noosa Daybreak & Cooroy).

RYDA (Rotary Youth Driver Awareness) is a one day, out of school program,

Approximately 150 students per day participate. Six groups of 25 are rotated around 5 class room style lecture subjects and 1 practical on-road experience, presented by professional Facilitators, experts in their own field such as Driving Instructors; Police Officers; Drug & Alcohol counsellors; Financial advisers; Technical specialists and Survivors of serious accidents.

Some of the topics covered include:-

  • perceiving hazards and avoiding them
  • identifying and avoiding distractions
  • understanding a vehicles' safety features
  • maintaining vehicle safety
  • understanding stopping distances at differing speeds
  • effects of fatigue, alcohol and prescription drugs
  • experiences of a crash survivor (very emotional and moving)
  • understanding the law


Although this is an ABC report from South Australia, RYDA is a national program of Rotary Clubs all over Australia. It has been running in Noosa since 2009.


'Rotary Youth Driver Awareness' is all about ....

Saving Lives


Reducing Serious Injuries.

Facts prove the age bracket with the highest mortality is 17 to 25 year old drivers.

Road statistics see about 300 young people between 17 and 25 DIE on Aussie roads each year. 20 times this number are seriously injured. Consider the flow on affect to the families and friends of these 6,000+ people nationally. This age group represents 13% of our driving population – BUT – they also represent 25% of the crashes. The majority are kids within their first 2 years after obtaining a driver’s license.

Since the start of Rotary’s Youth Driver Awareness Program over 500,000 students across Australia and New Zealand have participated and just last year more than 50,000 took part. In Queensland numbers are building rapidly.

There is no other program as comprehensive, as well researched or as well structured, available to school kids. Every parent is urged to make sure their kid’s school takes part in this program designed to save their child’s life. Speak to your school Principal, school Events Coordinator and P&C committee and make sure your child is enrolled in the program. Apart from our trained Facilitators, RYDA program days are organised and conducted by volunteers, mostly Rotarians but also interested members of the public who see the need to cut the road toll.

Feedback from teachers is 100% positive and tell us that the government should make attendance at the program compulsory, but until that day comes, Rotary will fill the gap.

Community responsible sponsors help to keep costs to a minimum. Subsidies are available for economically disadvantaged families.YOUR SPONSORSHIP can make a BIG difference. It will enable Rotary to bring more children to their RYDA program days. Remember your child can as easily be killed by another un-attentive student, driving another car, as if it was he/she at the wheel.

If you would like to know more about RYDA, please do NOT hesitate to SEND US AN EMAIL or give us a call.








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