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July 2018 – June 2019

Rotary this year will be different. We will have not one, not two, but three Presidents. Tony Oxley will be the first cab off the rank and will hold the office for the first four months, followed by Kevin Bowe and Charles Priest. Regular meetings will be on the First, Third and Fifth Tuesdays, Board meetings on the Second Tuesday and Socials on the Fourth Tuesday.

Our club meets at Tait Duke Community Cottage, 14 Earl Street Tewantin (click here)

We are currently in negotiation with Noosa Council regarding our lease arrangements and we hope to improve our conditions, to make the Cottage a more secure and appealing meeting venue, not only for Rotary, but the general Community.

We will continue with our major fund raising activities, Monthly Bunning’s sausage sizzles, Australia Day breakfast and festival, Noosa Car Classic, and Noosa Regional Busking Championships.

Community and Youth will be represented by the excellent RYDA program, almost 5,000 pupils have passed through the program since inception. We will continue to support

  • Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN)
  • National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) and
  • Rotary Youth Exchange (YEP) at the annual Sunshine Safari evening.

Rob vanWegen will be looking for Volunteers to introduce monthly “Pride of Workmanship” awards, we'll look at reintroducing “Eddie the Echidna” money box collections. Tony will serve as Welfare Officer, Speaker Seeker, and Attendance recorder.

A warm welcome to Visiting Rotarians, Member’s guests and Visitors is assured.

Yours in Rotary.  

Tony Oxley .......... (07) 5449 7745 or 0457 001 140

Kevin Bowe          (07) 5474 4745 or 0414 744 799

Charles Priest     (07) 5447 1709 or 0447 776 497

Email: president.noosaheads@rotary9600.org




Charles Priest Charles Priest...

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